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Mission:  To become a change agent for Maltese tourism by using our know how, strategies and long-term planning to successfully bring luxury guests to Malta and to our developments.


Bringing Swiss quality standards to our develpoments is key to our success.  Our first property in Malta is situated in Bormla’s superyacht marina.  Working with our group companies, we will change the way luxury tourists experience the island.  Living in a storied palace on a walking only street, our development aims to bring locality to the tourism experience in a way never seen before in Malta with the precision, attention to detail and discretion that we are known for.


We specialize in creating experiences through the delivery of everything to your vessel, from hard to find food and beverage items to hand-crafted leather serviceware.  With 24-48 hours notice we deliver our product line directly to the door of your ship or even cater them on board with the service that even our competition talks about.

Certain products can even be ordered in our webshop with even faster delivery and turn times.

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We are the sole purveyor of Forbidden City® and Cité Privée® Products and Services in the Mediterranean.  These brands, known only to their by-invitation-only set of clients create nuanced luxury handmade products which adorn some of the finest people, yachts & aircraft in the world.  From the incredible vicuña throws and handmade Italian bedding, to fabulous flatware and trays, to custom designed leather luggage, we enhance the travel experience with the brands that are beyond the best.  Crafting a pragmatic luxury concept of living well in your varied environments is our passion and your pleasure.

Visit and to learn more about our by invitation only world of pragmatic luxury.

And if you should ever be a guest in one of our Maltese developments, you’ll be sure to recognize these brands throughout our properties.


No longer dream of drifting off when you arrive in Malta’s Grand Harbour. We can help you with fantastic spa treatments performed on the comfort of your yacht.  Our Forbidden City® trained therapists deliver our signature services with utter discretion, care and skill.  Using the finest anti-ageing therapies from our Creating Longevity® and SkyLab® lines, we will help to relief all of life tensions and stresses at the end or beginning of your yachting season.

In addition, our spa services can be booked as a way of saying thank you to your hardworking crew who may just deserve some pampering themselves after a summer on the Med.  We require 12 hours advance notice to book an appointment in any of the Three Cities Marinas or 24 hours notice to book an appointment in the Port Tomasso or Gozo Marinas.



For the favored few who understand the particularities of SwissTaste, we proudly present our curated selection of Swiss wines.  These vintages represent the best of the best.  Produced in small, family estates in Ticino and Valais, like all things Swiss, you will discover one-of-a-kind wines, fantastic quality and of course best of all, memories of one of the most beautiful countries in the world with every sip.

Known for our ability to source the best of the best from around the world, we closely align our philosophy with many nordic delicacies.  One such delicacy is artisanal and handmade Estonian black bread.  Working with our partner bakers in Estonia, we fly in this bread from Tallinn via UPS overnight courier in specially designed containers to preserve its freshness.  Specialty caviar and smoked fish suitable for any occassion are also just a click away from your table.  While our pursuit of quality may seem overboard, we know you’ll understand.

We welcome you to discover our hand picked delicacies, wines and other delectable treats that bring you much enjoyment in the Mediterranean.  In our online shop, you can enjoy free delivery in  on orders over EUR500.00 and free local pickup at our locations in Malta, Geneva, and Tallinn.




Reveling in the senses is a huge part of the yachting life.  Inspired by individuality and the zest for a unique life, we create customized scents for the interior of yachts, with matching perfumes for guests and crew.  Diffused through our Dutch made scent diffusion machines, your entire yacht becomes a sensorial masterpiece as the perfume we create especially for you becomes your signature on board scent.

Enjoy custom made bath amenities named after your vessel, or personalized for each suite.  From luxurious hair care products, to specialized anti-aging creams and spa treatment products, we expertly create and deliver your dream skin and haircare from the heart of the Swiss Riviera to Malta’s top marinas, insuring your bathing, personal care and on board wellness experiences are truly “yours.”

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Our custom scent clients include some of the world’s largest private jet fleets, airlines, private banks and of course UHNWIs just like you.